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A large white Hill Radnor sheep with small horns.The Hill Radnor is a breed of sheep strictly found in, and specifically developed to suit, the hills bordering Radnor, Hereford, Monmouthshire and Brecon. The earliest reference to this breed was dated 1911, and the first breed society was founded in 1949.



The Hill Radnor sheep has the appearance of a larger, bulkier Welsh Mountain. Their coloring is atypical for a British sheep breed, with their head and legs being without wool, and light gray-brown to brown coloring, and an off-white muzzle that lightens with age.


Ewes typically weigh 50-55 kg, and rams typically weigh 70-80 kg. Rams are horned, though there are exceptions, and ewes are polled.


The ewes are noted for good maternal instincts, and a lambing rate of 120-165%.




Rare Breeds Survival Trust


Hill Radnor Flock Book Society

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