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Breeds of Livestock

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A fluffy Bleu Du Maine sheep standing in the grass.Also Known By: Blauköpfiges Fleischschaf (German), Bazougers, Bluefaced Maine, Blue-headed Maine, Maine-Anjou, Maine à tête bleue, Mayne Blue


The Bleu de Maine was established around the 1800's in the Maine et Loire Mayenne, and Sarthe regions of western France. The breed was developed from a cross between Leicester Longwool and Wensleydale which were imported during that time.


The Bleu du Maine is a large breed with mature rams weighing around 240 pounds and ewes around 175 pounds. The breed has no wool on its head or legs. The breed has a dark blue slate colored head and feet. Both sexes are polled. In comparing the Bleu du Maine with the Texel breed, they show a higher litter size and age of sexual maturity. The average daily gain, carcass leanness, milk yield, lambing interval are comparable with the Texel and the Bleu du Maine are lighter muscled.


A Bleu Du Maine with a black face and legs sheep standing in the grass.The Bleu du Maine has a heavy fine fleece. The average fleece weight is 4-6 kilograms with a staple length of 8-10 cm and the quality is 50-56's.




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