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Breeds of Livestock

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A white-bodied Welsh Hill Speckled Face sheep with black spots on the face and legs.The Welsh Hill Speckled Face is a derivative of Welsh Mountain with some sources indicating that Kerry Hill breedings was also introduced at some point. The breed originated in the Devil's Bridge and hill areas of Mid Wales. It is generally larger in size than the Welsh Mountain with a finer fleece and black markings on the nose, eyes, ears, knees and feet. The males are either polled or horned and the ewes are polled. It is crossed with the Blue-faced Leicester to produced the Welsh Mule cross.


Staple length is 7-12 cm with a fleece weight of 1.5-2.0 kg. The spinning count of the wool is 48-50's. It is used mainly for tweeds and carpets in Britain.




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