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Breeds of Livestock

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The Ile-de-France is the productA sleeping Ile-De-France sheep in the hay. of crossing the English Leicester and the Rambouillet. Later the Mauchamp Merino was also used in the breeds development. The breed was originally known as the Dishley Merino. The breed is widespread in France and was introduced to Britain in the 1970's.


The breed is large and thick set. The face and lower legs are free from wool. The face is white with pink lips and nostrils. Both sexes are hornless (polled).


The Ile-de-France produces a fine, heavy fleece that is very high in grease which results in low yields. The average fleece weight is 4-6 kilograms with a 7-8 cm staple length. The quality of the fleece is 56's to 60's.




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