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Also Known By: Blackface Norfolk Horned, Norfolk Horned, Old Norfolk, Old Norfolk Horned


The Norfolk Horn is found in Norfolk,A white and black Norfolk Horn sheep with long, curled horns. Suffolk and Cambridge, England. It is one of the ancient "Heath" breeds now being revived in small numbers. The Norfolk Horn was used along with Southdown in the development of the Suffolk breed.


It is a medium sized breed with a long body and legs. The face and legs are black or dark brown and free of wool. The fleece is white with new born lambs being mottled. Both sexes are horned and the horn pattern is an open spiral.


The breed was nearly extinct in 1973 and was revived by grading up Suffolk, Wiltshire Horn and Swaledale to 15/16 Norfolk Horn. The result was initially referred to as New Norfolk Horn but in 1984 the name reverted to Norfolk Horn. The breed is still almost extinct.




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