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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known By: Faer√łerne (Danish)


The origins of the Faeroes breed goes back to the Old Norwegian, Icelandic and perhaps Shetland breeds. They are not gregarious and tend to be territorial. The Faeroes will forage in small groups, spreading to cover the entire area, behaving somewhat like the Icelandic sheep. These sheep are small and well adapted to mountainous terrain. The color varies from white, gray, light red, dark red, chestnut brown, to black. However, due to the low price of wool they are sheared primarily for the comfort of the sheep.


The lambs reach slaughter weight of 20-45 pounds at 5 months of age. A good ewe will weigh about 45 pounds at 6-7 years of age. The ram weighs from 45-90 pounds. Bone structure is light, but strong. These animals are seasonal breeders with singles being the most common.




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