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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known By: Deutsches Schwarzkoepfiges Fleischschaf, Schwarzköpfiges Fleischschaf, Czarnoglowka, German Hampshire, Improved Blackfaced Mutton, Teutoburg


Already in 1850, meat paid higher than wool, therefore breeding goals were changed. Black-headed meat breeds, such as Leicester, Southdown and Hampshire were imported from England into Saxony to be crossbred with local breeds. 30 years later, breeding of these sheep really started more in Westfalia and Eastern Prussia, than in Saxony. The Merinofleischschaf (Merino mutton sheep) was prevalent in Saxony. Westfalia, with its high precipitation was the perfect area for the Schwarzkopf Fleischschaf and it is still the main breeding area.


It is a medium-sized, white sheep that is wide and long with dark-brown to black head, ears and legs. It grows crossbred wool with a tight and firm staple, to protect it in the wet climate. Fleece weight of a ram is around 6 kg; the ewe's fleece weighs around 4.5 kg. Fiber diameter is 29-33 microns. The breed is also polled.


Ewes weight about 75 kg and have about approximately 2 labs a year.




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