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Breeds of Livestock

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Two brown Dalesbred sheep with black heads and curled horns.The Dalesbred is found in Upper Wharfdale and Central Pennines in England. The breed originated from the Swaledale and Scottish Blackface breeds. The breed shows a black face with a distinct white mark above and on each side of the muzzle. The legs are similarly colored. They have no wool on either the face or legs. Both sexes have a round, low set of horns.


Dalesbred wool is of typical carpet quality. Staple length is 13-20 cm and quality is 32's-40's. Fleece weight is 2-3 kg (4.5-7 pounds). The fleece is curly on the outside with a dense undercoat. The wool is also relatively free of black and gray fibers.


Dalesbred sheep are very adaptable to climatic changes and can survive in the harsh environmental conditions. Dalesbred ewes are often crossed with Teeswater rams to produce the Masham which is one of the most famous of British cross-breeds.




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